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Money and the ‘Not-So Prosperity’ Gospel

Money, Finances and Bible Gospel

In the summer of 2013 my husband and I felt a call on our lives, back to ministry. We both felt a strong draw in our hearts, pulling us to Oregon, and back to my family. Soon after the desire was placed in our hearts, I began to dream about our new life. In my dreams I saw a small three bedroom home. I shared this with my husband who chuckled, “No, Shara. I don’t think that’s right. We have a large family and we need more space – not less. I don’t think God would call us to give up space when He knows we work at home and need an office. I’m sure He will provide a large home for us, when we move.”

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My dreams continued and I struggled to understand. Rick and I have always worked hard, we strive to honor and obey God, we volunteer and mentor, we donate to various causes, and so on. We watch our friends climbing ladders, earning more, and buying larger homes. We see colleagues and family members purchasing new cars while we drive two older vehicles, both in need of fix-ups. Money has never been an idol that we struggle with but all the same, it made us wonder…if God is calling us to ministry and to a new life, wouldn’t He also be blessing us with more? Isn’t that what the churches teach now? Isn’t that the common outcome of God’s call – to have more – not less?

Finances and Wanting More: What If That’s Not In ‘The Plan’?

One day a friend sent me a link to a job opening. The job was perfect for me and I quickly applied. I received a note, saying that I had made it to the next level. Following that, I made it through another round. In the end, I was one of the top contenders for the job. Rick and I prayed together, as a team, asking the Lord to choose. We wanted His will to be done and not our own. We prayed, “Lord, we would love to get this job. The pay is high and it would help us a lot. We could buy a new car and a larger home. However, we want Your will to be done so please close the door if You do not want us getting the job. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

I did not get the job.

We felt down about this, for a few days, asking God what was happening. After so many years of working hard, I had finally gotten to the point of being considered for a corporate job with high pay and benefits. The money could have funded our ministry, as well. At the same time, the job would have taken me away from the kids, full time. I thanked God for his wisdom and moved on.

While searching for homes in Oregon, one door after the next was slammed in my face. The homes were too expensive, too far away from my family members, too…something. Finally an option came up for me: a little three bedroom apartment near my parents and one of my sisters. I smiled, knowing that God had selected where we would live. He had planned this all along. We gave away most of our belongings and packed up to move.

We arrived in Oregon in August of 2014. We moved into our new abode: smack dab in between a satanic witch and a new-ager. The Lord is opening doors for us to minister to the people around us, little by little. I volunteer at a shelter twice per month, Rick and I are now involved in street ministry as time allows, and we are actively participating in a local church.

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We have less but the Lord is using us more. He continually demonstrates His faithfulness by meeting our needs, as they arise. For instance, we recently had a few needs in our family: a dresser, a coat, shoes, and clothing for our youngest daughter. On a Wednesday afternoon we received a dresser from a friend, a bag of clothing from one of my sisters, and shoes and a coat from another sister. A few weeks prior to this, our van needed fixing. The bill was $143. A check arrived in the mail that week from a AAA refund, for $140.

This is how the Lord functions in our lives. We don’t receive wealth and we don’t have a bigger house this year, than we had last year. We don’t have a new car or fancy clothing. We live a life of simplicity trusting God to meet our needs, day by day. As the old hymn goes…we ‘Trust and Obey.

Guest writer Shara Weiss is the co-founder of Believer’s Forum. She is a writer, social media marketer, content provider, and marketing consultant. In addition to the work she does alongside her husband Rick, she has run since 2009. Shara has a background in education, early childhood, teaching, ministry, and volunteerism.

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