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Single Girls’ Night Out | Best Valentine’s Day Idea for Hopeful Romantics

Single GNO Valentines Day

Quick, think of a holiday that many single girls hate.

If Valentine’s Day comes to mind then you’ve hit the nail on the head. For many lovely single ladies, they find the day of love, well, repulsive. (Just an FYI: it’s not that great if you’ve been married for a while either. We don’t even celebrate it anymore. Snort.)

However, recently while watching the movie Letters to Juliet, I had a great idea for a Valentine’s Day girls’ night out!

In the movie, the main character, writer Sophia, takes a trip to Verona–home of Juliet Capulet of Romeo & Juliet. She comes across a landmark, said to be Juliet’s tomb, where women were leaving their loves letters in the holes in the wall. At the end of the day, Sophia notices that a woman comes and collects the letters. Sophia learns that there is a group of women called The Juliet Club who answer each and every letter by hand.

And, in fascinating news, there really is a Juliet Club!

According to NPR:

The tradition of sending letters to Juliet very likely goes back centuries. People started by leaving notes on a local landmark said to be Juliet’s tomb. Later, many started sending mail directly to the city. By the 1990s, Verona was receiving so many letters, it created an office to deal with it. And each letter — the Juliet Club office gets more than 6,000 a year — is answered by hand.

I realized what an amazing GNO this theme would be! Gather your girlfriends, watch the movie, have great drinks and food and write love letters to the Juliet Club! (And, it doesn’t just have to be your single girlfriends. You can invite those boring married ones, too!)

Girls’ Night Out Ideas for Valentine’s Day | A Hopeful Romantics Party

You’ll Need:

A copy of the movie Letters to Juliet

Stationary Sets

Fun Pens

Drink glasses and a signature Valentine’s Day drink

Munchies like our Valentine Brownies


Watch the movie, eat, drink and write!

Compose your love letters–to lost loves, old loves, a current or future love, or even to yourself–and don’t forget to mail them to the Juliet Club!

The Juliet Club Address:

Club di Giulietta

via Galilei 3 – 37133 Verona ITALY

Every letter received is answered and then kept and archived. You can view the archive at the Verona office.

If you get a response, come back and let us know in the comments. How exciting!

 GNO Valentine’s Day Ideas

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