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Cool Clothes for Men Over 40

So, you’re wondering what’s cool for an over 40 dude to wear now, huh? (Don’t worry, it’s normal to wonder that.) You’re in luck, because we’re going to walk you through seven cool looks for men 40 and up.

Cool Clothes for Men Over 40

Cool Clothes for Men Over 40 from Polyvore

7 Trendy Looks for Men 40 and Up

Men’s Fashion Trend 1: Suede Shirt

Be careful here or you’ll end up looking like you’re fronting Tony Orlando and Dawn. Go something casual and layer it with a shirt under and you’ll look stylish and not like you’re trying to make something seventies happen.Buy pleated pants (affiliate)

Men’s Fashion Trend 2: Pleated Pant

Most guys over 40 will breath a collective sigh of relief to hear that the pleated pant is back. Stop trying to make flat-fronted pants happen and get back to what you’re comfortable with … finally.

Men’s Fashion Trend 3: White Trainers

Men's white trainers (AFFILIATE)Dad’s all over will rejoice because white trainers are back! But, listen up: we’re not talking about putting your old Adidas on and kickin’ it around town. To be on trend, stick to super simple (clean) white trainers. You can pair them up with jeans or khakis and still look cool.


Men’s Fashion Trend 4: Zip Shirts

Zip-front shirts seem like a little throw-back too, right? However, you can find some cool colors and textures right now. And, bonus? It can double for a light jacket on chilly days. Just layer it up with a cool tee or shirt under and leave the zip shirt open if you’re wearing it this way.Buy Men's Pressed Khakis (AFFILIATE)

Men’s Fashion Trend 5: Pressed Khakis

It’s almost like it’s 1987 again, isn’t it? Get out your iron (or be ready for a higher dry cleaning bill) because those casually-wrinkled khakis are out and the nicely pressed ones are in. (We’re sorry.)

Men’s Fashion Trend 6: Bomber Jacket

Buy Men's Bomber Now (AFFILIATE)
OMG! It really is 1987 again!

This ain’t your Tom Cruise circa Top Gun bomber, though. This is a step up … with a collar and some class.

Today’s bombers can be a little lighter, too, so you can wear them through Spring and for chilly summer nights.

Men’s Fashion Trend 7: Long Shirts, Buy Long Button Down Shirt Now (AFFILIATE)Untucked

You’ve probably been on trend with untucked, buttoned shirts for a while, but now they’re getting even longer.

If you don’t like the longer tunic-like look that’s trendy right now, you’re probably OK keeping the shirts you currently have like shown in the picture (right). We won’t mind.

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