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7 Shocking Things That Cause Wrinkles

I have a secret: I don’t hate wrinkles. I don’t look in the mirror and loathe the crows feet or the tiny other wrinkles that appear around my mouth, forehead or other places they decide to magically appear. (The ones on my neck are perplexing, but that’s probably for a different post or maybe a read.)

(It might also be that I’m always focused on how exhausted my reflection looks and not on wrinkles. Whatever.)

Anyway, I don’t fall into the “gotta get my Botox fix” category (yet), but it’s not like I’m ignoring the wrinkles completely or anything.

I’m not saying that I don’t search out wrinkle miracles or that some day I won’t hightail it to the Botox center and get in line with the rest of the women tugging and tucking. I’m just saying that it doesn’t consume my day.

With that said, there’s also no reason to ignore things that give you wrinkles. I mean, if you can prevent them then good for you, right? (You know, head it off at the pass!)

To help prevent getting wrinkles (or help prevent getting more wrinkles) check out these super weird ways — from sitting to sipping — that everyday things can make you wrinkle. And then stop doing them. (You’re not going to be happy. Sorry about that.)

Weird Ways You Wrinkle


Remember when your mom used to tell you to wash your face all the time? Well, turns out, washing your face too much (and too harshly) can dry out your skin, making it appear dull and your wrinkles more noticeable.

Aren't drinking straws fun? Well, using them regularly can actually cause wrinkles. Any repetitive motion (puckering to use a straw, smoking, etc.) can cause wrinkles. Sorry.

You know when you're driving and the left side of your body gets super hot? Well, it could be doing sun damage, too. Car windows don't protect from the sun, so be sure to wear sunscreen to help prevent wrinkles.

The skin around your eyes is very thin and prone to wrinkles. Anytime you are pulling on that area regularly (like removing contacts) it can cause wrinkles.

Are you a side-sleeping pillow hugger? Bad news: sleeping on your side and putting pressure on the side of your face can cause wrinkles, so flip over to your back!

Did you know that drinking alcohol regularly can dehydrate your skin? And, dehydration can cause damage--including wrinkles. (Yes, we're sad about this, too.)

Ok, this is weird, but sitting around can actually give your wrinkles. Some studies have shown that exercising regularly can change skin composition, making you appear younger (and less wrinkly!).


Do you have any home wrinkle remedies? Share them in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming article!

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