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14 Kid Rooms That Prove You Suck As a Parent


I always thought that we decorated our girls’ rooms really cute. From the nursery through teenage years, we tried to be cool. You know, give them rooms that would make them want to hang in and not flee from (something that I never had as a kid, by the way).

We’ve had fun stripes and colorful animals. We’ve made mini hiding rooms in their closets and once even had an artist friend of ours paint an amazing wall of clouds and flowers. As far as kids’ rooms, we rocked as parents.

At least I thought we did until I saw these amazing kid rooms. Now I just think we suck.

14 Amazing Rooms That Will Make You Want to Be a Kid Again

1. The Hangout

Honestly? I have no idea what’s going on with this room, but I want it. Now. I want to hide out in that hive thing and have that faux clock portal window frame my backyard. Can you imagine the faces of your kid’s friends when they see this bedroom or playroom? It doesn’t get more original or cool than this. The end.

2. The Cinderella Room

Some fairytale loving child is going to freak out over this room. I mean, a completely cool carriage bed and magnificent wall mural? Yeah. This is the room for a kid who is going to expect a million dollar sweet sixteen party. You can bet on that.

3. Chalkboard Closet Doors

Ok, this really isn’t a kid room, but it is the hallway to the kid’s room. How genius is it to paint the closet doors leading to the kid’s room with chalkboard paint? I see this especially helpful if you have kids who share a room. The hallway can then become a secondary area for the kids so they aren’t on top of each other all the time.

4. Secret Passage Connecting Rooms

When the older girls were younger, they had those Jack-and-Jill adjoining rooms. You know, two bedrooms that were joined by a bathroom? They constantly used that bathroom to go back and forth (even in the middle of the night) to each other’s room. However, a secret adjoining compartment would’ve been way cooler.

5. Royal Nursery

Seriously? Have you ever seen a nursery so regal? It’s almost difficult to imagine a kid actually pooping its diaper in this room, knowwhatimean? (Dude, it’s so … white.)

6. Secret Closet

This girl’s bedroom is really cute, but my favorite part is that they actually turned the closet into a secret play area or reading room. Pull the curtain down and it’s an amazing hiding place for some down-time doll play. Pull the curtain back and it gives the room an interesting focal point.

7. Loft Love

OK, I kind of want this for my room. How cool would it be to make it big enough to put a mattress on the loft part and then leave the little enclosed room under as a playroom?

8. Sliding Scale

This kid’s room is amazing for so many reasons! You could put a mattress on the top for a bunk-style bed, but it doesn’t end there. The kid has a complete chalk wall and even a climb-up lookout center. Then, in the morning, he slides down to the neat little desk and craft area underneath.

9. Bunk-Bed-A-Licious

The steps are the winner of this bunkbed kid’s room. Not only are they cool because they’re winding, but they have those secret storage compartments and room for a built-in mini-closet. Bonus!

10. Lofty Play

The decorating in this room is amazing, but the real room stealer is the cool loft complete with message bucket on a string. If we had this room, I would spend everyday in that loft. And, I would make people send me sandwiches and chocolate up in that bucket. And maybe some wine.

11. Habitrail Room

The only thing I can think of when I see this room is Habitrail. You know, those hamster cages that have all the difference rooms and tubes and tunnels? This room has it all–room to play, swing, sit and sleep.

12. (Not a) Hard Knock Life Room

Annie and her other orphans only wish they had a room like this–separate beds, portal windows and even a swinging bridge with swinging seats below. Wow. You can fit at least a hundred kids in here and they wouldn’t bother you for hours. (I’m sure of it.)

13. Super Simplistic Hidden Gem

At first glance, this room seems super simple with some amazing murals. However, upon further inspection, you realize that the balcony is not just a balcony. It’s a way to get to the hidden room near the ceiling. Awesomesauce.

14. Lego Room

One word: Legolicious. (That is all.)

Which room is your favorite?
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  1. Liz @ Yes/No Films

    October 8, 2015 at 3:48 pm

    I want all of these and I’m 28. lol. The Cinderella room might be my favorite, I love the concept of it.

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