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Poverty and the Single Parent

Poverty and the Single Parent

Although I’m not usually one to share something so personal with the whole world, I know there are other families out there like mine, who are in the same situation. I wanted to let those parents know there’s no shame in it, and they’re not alone.

You do what you need to do for your kids.

Imagine being divorced, and having been away from each other for several years, each of you having a new life and routine.

Now, imagine having to move back in with your ex.

Crazy, right? Well, that is exactly what we have done.

I know what you’re thinking: Have you lost your mind? Why would you do that? You’re insane!

The reason is simple: we had to. After hitting a huge financial bump in the road, my son and I needed to move in with someone else. As my parents are gone, that left the ex and his family. They agreed to this so that I can save up for my own place, and some major car repairs (like a new engine).

First of all, let me say, it’s very gracious of everyone to let us do this. In theory, they could have said, “We’ll take the kid, but you’re on your own.” They didn’t. They said, “Okay, we’ll make this work.”

It is by no means ideal. We all have such different lives and routines, that it’s majorly stressful for everyone to be together this much. I personally struggle with living under someone else’s rules.

My ten year old, on the other hand, is in heaven. He gets all of his favorite people in one place on a daily basis. It just may be his nirvana.

There is no mooching from me. I help pay a few bills, and take care of groceries. I’ve applied for assistance to move us out faster, but the waiting lists are long, and so in the meantime, we do what we need to do.

We are hoping to start the new school year in our new place. And, let’s hope so. I spent less time with these people when I was married.

Becci is a mother, daughter, musician, salesperson, crazy cat lady, and taxi service living in Ohio. She dreams of a world where people don’t stare when you randomly burst into song at the grocery store.

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