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7 Times Other People’s Dumb Parenting Made You Feel Better

Dumb parents, this way

We all have those “Oh man, I really screwed up” times during parenting. And, we spend days after feeling stupid or annoyed or guilty, until, you know, someone else does something just as dumb so we can feel better about ourselves.

“Wow, at least I’m not like that parent!”

But there are times that it’s not just a difference in parenting style. There are real times when you hear the chorus of “What the HELL?!” rise up from almost every other parent.

These are those times.

Moms & Dads That Made Dumber Choices Than You

1. Parents name son Ya’Hansum Guy.

According to, Indiana parents have named their new son, born July 18th, “Ya’Hansum Guy” — because being a kid is super easy today, so why not give a reason for other kids to make fun of him right out of the gate? It kind of makes you wish for the judge who ruled against a French couple naming their daughter “Nutella.”

(Um, they do realize that names are for an entire life, right?)

2. Mom accidentally fake tans her baby.

Do you ever get a spray tan? If so, kuddos to you because we all know that the real thing is just awful. (And, don’t even get us started on tanning beds…)

However, if you spray tan, you might want to be aware that it can wear off on other things … like white couches and baby faces.

A breastfeeding UK mom accidentally transferred her spray tan to her baby’s face during breastfeeding.


3. Mom takes kids along during burglary … to a retired police officer’s house.

OK, we’ll just let that sink in for a moment.

A Colorado mom of the year was caught trying to rip off the house of a retired police officer while her three kids waited in the car. (I mean, it is a pain to get the kids in and out of the car while just running in for a few minutes.)

4. Blogger mom posts pic of kids playing with her special toy.

The Internet went crazy when a blogger mom found her kids playing with her vibrator, snapped a pic and then shared it on Instagram.

Look, we don’t care what you do in your own bedroom and it’s certainly not uncommon for kids to stumble across “mommy’s special drawer.” But, it doesn’t mean that everything in life should be documented and shared on the Internet. This story probably would’ve been better shared with the besties over drinks during GNO. No documentation and pubic public sharing needed.

5. Mom brags about beer bong game while breastfeeding.

This mom was super excited to announce that she won beer pong four times in a row — which would be impressive on its own! (I can’t even get one ball into that cup.) However, the real win comes when she reveals that she’s breastfeeding and won the last game while nursing little Janie or Johnny.

I don’t know about you, but I was even nervous about eating spicy salsa when I was breastfeeding.

6. Dad puts plastic bag on kid’s head while riding motorcycle because…

…Well, we have no idea why, really.

Putting (what looks like) a three year old on the front of a motorcycle without a helmet is bad, but to double the unsafe factor this dad decided to put a plastic bag over the little guy’s head, too.

(It probably would keep the bugs off, but…)

7. Woman gives entire soccer team candy; parents make them give it back.

A woman was seen giving an entire soccer team of 5 year old kids Laffy Taffy after they finished playing their game. (Can you imagine?) Disgusted parents across the field made the kids, filing one-by-one, give the candy back to the ignorant woman.

In her defense, that women was an aunt and not a parent yet. And, she had no idea about gluten free, organic, allergies, indigo children or special snowflakes.

PPS? That winner woman was me.


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