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Hip Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Once you hit 40, something happens. No, not just the cliche things — metabolism slowing down, near vision gets worse, you start to contemplate where you are in your life — but something else. Sometimes there is an itch to try something new like changing how you look. And, what’s a better place to start than with your hair?

Hair is an easy fix when you want to freshen up your look because you can try a new color for a completely different look, or chop it all off and start completely fresh. (And, even better, the color eventually fades and the hair grows back, so it’s kind of a no biggie kind of change.)

If you’re looking to freshen up your forties, try out a new ‘do like one of these.

Great Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women Over Age 40

1. Hair Color

Hair color for women over 40

Hair color for women over 40Hair color is one of the best ways to change it up after you turn 40. And, we’re not talking those safe highlights that you’ve been getting for years. We’re talking going big and bold with purples, pinks and blues — because if not now, then when?

You can rock wild hair and still act your age. (Trust us.)

Just be sure to talk to your hair specialist about what colors will work best with your natural hair color and skin tone.

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2. Short Hair Styles

short hairstyles for women over 40

short hairstyles for women over 40Been thinking of a short haircut? Going short and sleek can give your 40-something self new sass. (Not to mention, think of all that time you’ll save on blow drying and curling or flat ironing!)

And, super short hair is more versatile than you think — sleek it down for work or a black tie event and then spike it up to get your fun on.

Afraid to go short? Let your fears go by remembering: It’s just hair! And, it will grow back (so no need to freak out about it).

3. Medium Hair Styles

Bob hairstyles for over 40 women

wavy bob hairstyle for women over 40Medium length hairstyles are great if you still want a little versatility. Not only that, they work well on both curly and straight hair!

A blunt, wavy bob or reverse bob can be tamed down — less curly and more sleek for work and then bobbed up a bit with curls or waves for a night out on the town. You can even do a natural, beachy day look.

(Plus, with this length, you can probably still pull it back if it’s bugging you.)

4. Long Hair Styles

Long hair over age 40

Long hair on women over 40You know how some people say you shouldn’t have long hair once you are over age 40? Well, that’s a load of crap.

Long hair can still look amazing in your forties —  if you keep it shaped up and not just let it go a la the I’m too tired to deal look. (#guilty)

Just make sure not to use long hair as an excuse to have it pulled back in an easy ponytail all the time. (Although an awesome messy ponytail is OK on occasion.)

If you’re going to have long hair after age 40, be sure to do something with it.



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