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Indiana State Fair and NASA Take You to Space!

Thanks to the Indiana Soybean Alliance for allowing me to cover these amazing event.

If you are in Indiana next week, or even within a regional driving distance, here is something you won’t want to miss: Take your family right into space during the Indiana State Fair!

The Indiana Soybean Alliance will be hosting the Link Observatory Space Science Institute in the Glass Barn for three programs during the 2015 Indiana State Fair. The programs will include a live moderator from Link Observatory and use the Glass Barn’s weGROW theater. (Seriously, how cool is that?)

Homeschool and Learning Programs in Indiana

And, if you have a homeschooler or you want to add a field trip to your school day (and get some STEM time in), this is an amazing opportunity that many other kids will not experience — linking up to NASA to discuss the vegetable growing program (who knew?) and also see actual pictures of Pluto taken on a recent trip!

NASA Indiana State Fair Program Schedule

Chasing Pluto Program at Indiana State Fair

Chasing Pluto Program at Indiana State Fair

A live presenter will show new photos that were taken of Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft and talk about the mission. The show is 60 minutes long in the Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fair.

Show times:

  • Monday, August 17: 6–7 p.m.
  • Wednesday, August 19: 6-7 p.m.

TIP: Get there early because they will have free photographs from the mission, NASA patches, fact sheets and an assortments of other New Horizons materials to hand out to those in attendance. But, they’re in limited supply, so first come, first serve!

NASA Vegetable Production System (Veggie)

NASA Vegetable Program at Indiana State Fair

NASA Vegetable Production System Program at Indiana State Fair

The weGROW theater in the Glass Barn will be used to go live with the NASA program manager at the Kennedy Space Center. The program will describe the NASA VEGGIE program, which was developed to supply crews with a continuous source of fresh food in the space station.

The Vegetable Production System (Veggie) is a deployable plant growth unit capable of producing saladtype crops to provide the International Space Station crew with a palatable, nutritious, and safe source of fresh food. The Veggie provides lighting and nutrient delivery, but utilizes the cabin environment for temperature control and as a source of carbon dioxide to promote growth.  

There will be a Link Observatory moderator live in the barn to moderate questions.


  • Tuesday, August 18: 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

About the Link Observatory Space Science Institute in Indiana 

The Link Observatory Space Science Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to informal science education and public engagement programs in NASA missions, astronomy and space exploration.

The historic Link Observatory, located on a hilltop 4 ½ miles south of Mooresville, Indiana, exists to foster scientific discovery, stimulate an interest in space exploration and cultivate the next generation of science, technology and academic leaders. Completed in 1939, the observatory was built for the private use of Dr. Goethe Link, a noted Indianapolis surgeon. From the 1950s through the mid-1980s it was used by Indiana University for important astronomical research.

Now, however, this magnificent astronomical observatory is dedicated to providing informal, yet expertly designed, science education to schools and the general public throughout central Indiana. Its mission is to inspire students to pursue studies in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and encourage students in all disciplines to explore and achieve their greatest potential.

About the Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fair 

Soybean farmers were excited to debut the Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds during the 2013 Indiana State Fair. The Indiana Farming Experience housed within the Glass Barn gives visitors a vivid experience of what life is like for farmers and their families. The experience demonstrates the relationship between farmers and their land and how technology serves as a bridge between the two.

Inside the Barn: During the Indiana State Fair, visitors will be able to visit a farm virtually, meet an Indiana farmer and learn about all where their food comes from. It’s a really cool experience for the entire family and learning about farming and where our food comes from. I highly recommend it!

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