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Market District Shopping: Is the Hype Worth It? #Indy

Market District Indianapolis

I have to tell you, visiting the new Market District on Indy’s northside has left me with mixed emotions. You see, I’m a southsider and I really love where I live. I like that my part of town is the slow side, traffic isn’t too bad and it’s generally a laid back place to live. But, now I feel really jealous of Carmel.

The thing is, Indy has seen a real boom in supermarket competition and we are reaping the benefits all over town! But the one glitch for me is that I still find myself shopping at several stores for all my family’s needs.

If only I had a Market District in my area…

About Market District Shopping

Here Are Some Highlights:

– It’s a one-stop shop. While my family is certainly “crunchy,” I still have a budget to consider. So, while I zero in on the extensive gluten free selection, organic produce and freshly made prepared foods, I also appreciate that I can pick up regular toilet paper, ziplock bags and a canister of Maxwell House coffee.

– Market District is devoted to sourcing locally when possible. I was happy to find some of my favorite pasture raised meat from Tyner Pond Farm, all-natural sauces from LocalFolks Foods, gluten free cake mixes from Brooke’s Naturals and much more. (As a Pittsburgh native, I was also happy to find Islay’s chipped chopped ham!)

– With a goal of becoming LEED certified, they have a commitment to sustainability, utilizing draught resistant landscaping, recycled and/or sustainably sourced wood and building materials, non-ozone depleting refrigerants, LED lighting (yay for no mercury!), solar panels and reflective roofing.

– Their prepared foods department includes freshly made sushi, salads, a full soup and salad bar and other grab and go items that were made on site. The prices (and I’d say quality) are on par with higher end stores like Whole Foods, and although the ingredients are not easily visible, I was told that employees can assist food allergy shoppers.

Curbside express online grocery ordering is available. So, there’s really no reason to not eat well when a Market District is in your town.

– A full service restaurant and bar are housed inside the store to serve lunch and dinner. They even have their own variation of Indiana’s signature pork tenderloin sandwich.

– Chefs will host demonstrations and lead courses on a variety of culinary topics. And, you can even have them cook your meat or seafood purchase right there for you, free of charge.

– While the store includes more than 120,000 square feet, it still doesn’t feel overwhelming. It feels like you’re actually visiting a market … not a superstore.

– If time is against you, the Get-Go Café + Market is right across the parking lot. Here you’ll find your traditional full service gas station and convince store, with the added benefit of made-to-order meals and snacks. You can choose from fast food staples like burgers, subs, breakfast sandwiches and more. Plus you can find prepared or made-to-order salads, fresh cut produce, yogurt and a smoothie and espresso bar.


Rebeca is a freelance writer based in Indianapolis. As a self-proclaimed information junky, she enjoys meeting new people, learning and trying new things, and spreading the word about her experiences. She has a particular interest in the “crunchy” lifestyle, special needs parenting, travel and general parenting topics.

You can follow along with her adventures on Instagram, facebook or twitter.

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Rebeca is a self-proclaimed information junky who enjoys meeting new people, learning and trying new things, and spreading the word about her experiences. She has a particular interest in the “crunchy” lifestyle, travel and general parenting topics.

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