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Prime Parents Club Community Guidelines

Last Updated: January 17, 2012

Welcome to the Prime Parents Club Member’s Area Community Guidelines. Prime Parents Club was created to provide moms and dads, ages 35 and beyond, a way to connect online and celebrate parenting later in life.

These Guidelines are intended to help Prime Parents Club and the Member’s Area be a great place for prime parents to meet, discuss and share. Prime Parents Club will not tolerate personal insults, attacks, disrespectful behavior or anything else that violates our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

As creator of the “Member’s Area Community,” the Prime Parents Club Team will do our best to enforce these Guidelines, assist members with any questions, and provide an enjoyable place for prime parents to connect and share.

Rules of Conduct

Just like any gathering of large groups of people, there need to be rules in place of how you will act and treat others. The Prime Parents Club Member’s Area Community is no different. Refusal to adhere to Community Guidelines and TOS will result in immediate termination and banning from the site.

All Prime Parents Club Members Shall:

1. Be respectful of others.

2. Not personally attack or insult other members, including slurs, stereotyping and hate speech.

3. Use the privacy settings to ensure that information relayed is seen only by those you choose.

4. Not ask for money, gifts, donations or assistance from other members, nor accept the same from members.

5. Not solicit members for work, employment, advertising or other any other reasons except in the appropriate group forums set up for those solicitations.

6. Not use excessive curse words.

7. Not post pictures, forum topics or posts with graphic violence, nudity or abortion.

8. Not share personal information, your own or other member’s, unless you are certain it is safe to share.

9. Not share home or employment addresses on this site.

10. Understand that community forums are a place to debate and discuss. This means you will meet and interact with others who have differing opinions from yours. Please respectfully debate topics. Respectful differing of opinions is not a grounds for reporting or removal from the site.

11. Not do anything criminal or illegal, or encourage others to do so, on this site.

Our Responsibilities

The Prime Parents Club Team does not and cannot look at every post, photo, or comment made on the site, nor do we guarantee the integrity of every member on the site. If we catch something that we believe violates our Community Guidelines or the Prime Parents Club Terms of Service, we will review the situation and take appropriate action.

When you are in a group and click the “report” link, your report goes to the Group Owner for that group. When you are anywhere else on Prime Parents Club and click the “report” link, your report comes to the Prime Parents Club Team.

When you report something to us that you believe violates these Guidelines or the Prime Parents Club Terms of Service, we will review your report and take the action that we feel is appropriate. For privacy reasons, we often will not be able to share the action that we have taken, but we take all reports seriously and take appropriate actions when necessary.

We always have the right to remove postings, lock postings, warn members, suspend accounts, cancel accounts and ban members to enforce these Guidelines and the Prime Parents Club Terms of Service or as we deem necessary to maintain the integrity of the site or our business.

Your Responsibilities

By following these Community Guidelines, you will be doing your part to make Prime Parents Club a great place prime parents to meet up. (Please don’t ruin it.) In addition, you have Privacy and Security tools within the membership area on who sees the content you post. Use these privacy settings as you see fit to protect yourself and your family’s information.

Member-owned groups must abide by the Prime Parents Club Group Guidelines. Group Owners are responsible for making their own guidelines for the group and enforcing them as desired. Group Owners are able to remove posts, comments and members from their groups. If a Group Owner needs help with an issue, please contact us for assistance.

Prime Parents Club  reserves the right to revise these Guidelines at any time and without prior notice. Committing to Community Guidelines means that you automatically commit to any changes going forward.