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About VIPP Perks

Are you a company, group or organization looking to get your products or services into the hands of parents? Then start here.

Very Important Prime Parent (VIPP) Perks are products and services provided by Prime Parents Club partners for you–our prime moms and dads–to try out.

Simply put, you get free stuff to try out and talk about.


(That’s right, we said the “F” word–FREE!)

We started VIPP Perks in order to get people talking about the things they love again–by “personalizing parenting and rediscovering conversation” through fostering organic discussion.


We want people to start talking about things they love again, not just rely on websites, celebrities and reality shows to tell us what  is popular.


Remember  a time when you used to get your tips and advice from real people and not from the cyber universe? You know, you’re leaning over the backyard fence talking to your neighbor and they show you the latest thing they bought because they love it and just know you will too? We want to mesh the technology of today with the old-school way of thinking–the ability to use the Internet, but still talk about the things you love–now you’ll just do it in person and on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and more.

So, how do you get free stuff?

1. First, head over and like us on Facebook.

2. Sign up for our newsletter, be sure that you select to receive the VIPP Perks news. (Think you already signed up? Please check to ensure that you’re still in our database with all the changes that have taken place.)

We’ll let you know when VIPP Perks are available, you let us know if you’re interested in them and we’ll go from there!

It costs you nothing, well except for some time to try out cool new stuff and give feedback about it. And what’s wrong with that? (That’s right, nothing. So go on!)

Are you a company who wants to sponsor a VIPP Perk giveaway and get your products or services in front of thousands of targeted parents? Contact us for more information.