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Voices Project created The Voices Project so that we can hear stories from our readers–people just like you who have something to share.

We are looking for original guest posts that will appear only on this site. (This means that you cannot send us a post that has been published elsewhere before or after appearing on our site.)

Check out our current list of projects. We will be adding and updating on an ongoing basis, so check back frequently.

If you have a story that fits into one (or all!) of our current projects, please contact us with “Voices Project” in the subject line of the contact form.


Not a writer, but still have an awesome story to share?

No worries. Just contact us with your story pitch. If it’s a fit for our site at the time, one of our regular contributing writers will “interview” you and write the story from the information provided, OR you can still write it yourself! There’s no need to be a professional writer to submit your stories here!


1. Keep it “clean.” Please, no extreme vulgarity or porn-like material. Other than that, this is your voice. Create the story that showcases your talent!

2. Each post should be around 350-500+ words. (Yes, there is some wiggle room in here, but not a great deal.)

3. Each post (unless otherwise noted) should include a 2 to 3 sentence biography about you, your writing, or whatever else you want. You can include one link to your website or blog. (Please, no affiliate links.) Feel free to include a .jpg photo of yourself.

4. By submitting posts, you agree that all content is original, that you are the sole owner/author and that it has not and will not be used on other sites. (Don’t steal. We use a plagiarizer software and will hunt you down in the virtual world and give you a virtual wedgie if we catch you stealing content. Plus, it’s just not cool.)

5. Have fun! We want this to truly be YOUR VOICE, so run with it.


Extreme Couponing

If you, or someone you know, has couponing down to a science, we want to hear about it!

Organic Eating and Gardening (Ongoing)

If you and your family go organic, we want to hear from you with any tips, information, “how to”, or anything else you feel is relevant within this topic.

Family Recipes/Food Traditions (Ongoing)

Did good old Aunt Tilda leave an awesome recipe for chocolate zucchini bread, or does your family have a cool “foodie” tradition? We’d love to hear your story or have you share a family recipe.

The Letters: Voices from Blended Families (Ongoing)

If you are part of a blended family–whether a stepmother, a stepchild, an ex-wife, a new husband or more–we want to hear from you. We are looking for dads and moms ages 35 and older to write letters about being part of blended families–and the best part? We are also taking anonymous submissions. In many cases, men and women in blended families don’t–or won’t–voice their true feelings and opinions about the situation. We are giving you an outlet to speak your truth–signed by you or written anonymously. It’s up to you.

These are letters, so they should be in letter format and all start with Dear____ (Blended Family, Stepchildren, Ex-Wife, etc.).

Please use email subject “Blended Families” with submissions. Please let us know in your submission if you want the letter signed anonymously.

A View from Parenting (Ongoing)

We are looking to hear from men and women 35 and older on experiences with having children–pregnancy, natural births, adoption, infertility, multiples…well, the sky is truly the limit on this one.

Please use email subject “Parenting” with submissions.