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Gluten-Free Guide Beginners

How Do I Go Gluten-Free?

Gluten-Free Beginners Guide This question has been at the forefront of quite a few conversations I’ve been having with people over the past couple weeks, so I thought I’d write up a Gluten Free Beginner’s Guide. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. Nothing I say here should be used to self-diagnose. If you suspect you have…

Girls Body Image Post-Baby Bodie

Accepting Post-Baby Bodies & Girls Body Image

Can We Ever Accept Our Post-Baby Bodies? It’s a funny thing. Yesterday I was “pottying a tinkle” (as my toddler calls it) when I felt a bit of skin on my belly sort of tuck under…that’s the only way to describe it. I thought, this couldn’t possibly be happening…not to me. It was fine when…

After Baby Sex

How to Get Your Sex Drive Back

Sex After Baby So, you have had a baby. For many women, this means that the sheer thought of sex or intimacy gives them the creeps. Even if you had an active and pleasurable sex life before pregnancy and childbirth, many things change afterwards. Many men change their views on sexuality once they actually see…

kids drink kombucha

All About Kids and Kombucha

If you’ve got kids and you drink kombucha, they’ve probably asked if they can have a sip. Whether you gave them some or not, you probably paused, wondering if it was okay for kids to drink it. Well, if you’ve got questions about kids and kombucha you’ve come to the right place. Can kids drink…

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