Prime Parents was created as an online site to connect moms in their prime – late 30s, 40s and beyond. As a niche area that had few online offerings, the site quickly took off and within the first few months became one of the top 400,000 sites visited in the world, and ranked 77,110th most visited site in the United States.*

As our popularity quickly grew and we added a phenomenal team of contributing writers, we continued to get a variation of one comment or question from men and dads. PrimeParentsClub.com provides information, support, entertainment and so much more to parents who share a unique thing–having or raising children later in life and the questions, issues, and situations that surround it. We cater mainly to parents 35 and older, but all ages are welcome.

“There are very unique issues related to having a baby or raising a family at these ages. We want to help support parents who fall into this group; let them know that we get it. However, moms and dads of any age group are welcome. We certainly aren’t exclusive and would never want a parent needing support to be left out because of his or her age.”

Today, Prime Parents carries the same mission as before–celebrating and connecting parents in their prime–now it has just expanded to include dads.