20 Clever Sibling Names That Will Make You Smile


Perfect Sibling Baby Name Combos

Coming up with baby names can be one of the most fun parts about being pregnant, but it can also be a bit exhausting. Knowing that this is the name you will call your little human forever is quite the responsibility and can feel a bit stress-inducing at times.

So, if you’re currently feeling overwhelmed with the baby-naming process, then take a break to enjoy these funny sibling name combinations … because sometimes you just need a good laugh. Who knows, you might end up with some good inspiration while you’re at it — there are some pretty adorable (and unique) names on this list!

1. May & June

A perfect combo for a pair of sisters. Bonus points if there is a third sister who can be named April.

2. Ace & Spade

For the parents who see a future as card sharks for their sons.

3. Daisy & Duke

Both of these adorable names were on my baby names list when I was pregnant, and I’m actually not sure I would’ve noticed the Dukes of Hazzard reference until it was too late! I still love both names, though.

4. Salt & Pepper

Pepper is a cute food option and Salt is the perfect (albeit uncommon) match.

5. Charlie & Delta

Picked right off of the NATO Phonetic alphabet — representing the letters C and D — these names would be cute options for a brother/sister sibling duo. If other siblings were introduced into the mix, there are also plenty of other strong options from the list, including: Victor, Oscar, and Juliett!

6. Opal & Jade

Gemstone names for your little gems!

7. Sailor & Navy

I love both of these names separately, and I think the combination would be funny and sweet for any gender of siblings.

8. Lucky & Chance

Because ending up with two adorable little ones is pretty lucky!

9. Emmy & Oscar

For lovers of movies and television, perhaps a little girl named Emmy and a little boy named Oscar (after the awards shows of course!) would be a perfect fit.

10. Hunter & Fisher

Baby names for the future outdoor sportsmen siblings.

11. Levi & Denim

Levi is a baby name currently on the rise and Denim is an unexpected, but natural pairing.

12. Mercedes & Portia

Luxury cars or little girl names? You decide.

13. Walker & Ranger

For the brothers hailing from Texas or whose parents are simply fans of Chuck Norris and his role as Walker Texas Ranger.

14. Walt & Disney

Walt is a throwback name that isn’t yet overused — it’s strong and classic and fun when paired with the more whimsical Disney. Perfect for the parent who’s a Disney lover.

15. Eleanor & Roosevelt

A funny, but still super cute, brother/sister name pairing and an homage to FDR’s wife Eleanor Roosevelt.

16. Easton & Weston

These popular direction-inspired names are a funny pairing when seen side-by-side.

17. Summer & Autumn

Sisters and seasons! This one is definitely a popular pairing.

18. Lolly & Poppy

You may have to say these sister names in reverse order (“Meet Poppy and Lolly.”) lest people get confused and think you named your children after candy.

19. Lewis & Clark

A perfect pairing for adventuring brothers who love to explore!

20. Peter & Wendy

A sweet storybook combination – because who could ever forget a brother and sister named after Peter Pan and Wendy Darling?


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